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Create Free/Paid Events, Get Registrations & Sell Tickets.

Use Zoom or any platform to host your Webinar or Online Event & securely give your Meeting Link access only to the registered attendees.

Create an Event

How to Monetize ?

You can monetize your Paid Events such as Webinars, Corporate Trainings & etc in 3 simple steps.

Create an Event

Enter your event details with Meeting Link & create an Event page at EventsHere.

Sell Event Tickets

Promote your Event page & get your attendees to buy event tickets of your Online Event.

Collect Payments

Get your total ticket payments minus fees transferred to your bank account next day after the event.

But for Online Events ?
YES, here's how!

Host your event on Any Platform

Use Zoom, Meet, CyberTeach or any platform to host your event. Just schedule a Meeting from any of them & copy paste its Meeting Invite Link while you create your event page on EventsHere.

Give secure access to Invite Link

EventsHere will encrypt your Meeting Invite Link & deliver it securely via Email to attendees who register or buy tickets, so only the registered or paid attendees will be able to attend your Online Event only when the event starts.

All the Features you want

Unique Event Page

You get a unique webpage for your event which you can promote among attendees

Free Event Listing

Your event will be listed on EventsHere, so anyone can find it by browsing events

Attendee Registrations

Your attendees will be registered when they buy tickets, so you will get all the details of the attendees

Online Ticket Selling

You can use your Event page to sell tickets of your Online Event, so attendees can buy tickets online

Multiple Payment Options

Your attendees can pay online via PayHere to buy your tickets via cards, eZcash, mCash, Frimi & Genie.

Next Day Payouts

Your total ticket sales minus fees will be paid out to your bank account the next day after the event.

How about the Fee ?

Flat 10% per ticket

Including Payment Gateway fees.
No fees at all to create FREE Online Events & get attendee registrations.
* Special Fee of 7% for Academic or Educational Online Events.


Anyone. Corporate Trainers, Sales Gurus, Tutors, Panelists, Event Organizers, Influencers, Musicians, Content Creators or anyone can create & list Free or Paid events at EventsHere for FREE.

How can I promote my Online Event?

You will get a unique Event Page for your event when you create an event with EventsHere. You can share the link of that page on Social Media to promote your event & get your attendees to buy tickets of your events.

We will also publish your event page on EventsHere facebook page as a support.

Will my Meeting Invite Link be exposed to public?

No. Your Invite Link will be encrypted & delivered only to the registered or paid attendees, so that they can access the Event only by signing in to their EventsHere account & only when the event starts.

What I get for listing my FREE Online Events at EventsHere?

You get a unique Event Page for your event for FREE which you can promote to your audience & get event registrations. Your event will also be listed on EventsHere for anyone to browse & find your event.

How can I get my ticket payments collected?

You can add your Bank Account details in your EventsHere account. The total ticket sales minus the EventsHere fee will be settled to your bank account, the next day of the event after verification.

Who is behind EventsHere?

EventsHere is another Digital Platform by Bhasha, the Digital Innovations Company behind Helakuru, PayHere & ShopHere platforms. Payment processing is powered by PayHere, a Central Bank approved Sri Lankan Payment Service.